After years of innovative wheat and corn products development, time has come for the next step in Ziębice Group history.

Master Grain is a group of people connected with food industry for years. Our aim is to provide solutions and products for food industry with principles and values that have been accompanied us from the beginning .

Solving problems and developing new proposals for food producers are something that unite us. 


Our offer includes, among others, the following solutions:

  • Strengthening systems, flavor enriching / masking undesirable flavor notes
  • Reduction of salt, fat, sugar in recipes
  • Substituting sodium glutamate – creating a neutral taste
  • Improvement of texture, improvement of the durability of products thanks to naturally processed flours

  • Crunchiness and freshness of products subjected to frying and cooling

  • Phosphate mixtures for the meat and dairy industry
  • Enrichment of products with vegetable and animal protein
  • Creating and maintenance of the structure of
    products and their modification thanks to natural hydrocolloids and fibers


  • Control of the production process and finished products thanks to enzymatic solutions


High quality is one of main pillars that our company is based on. We achive it thanks to:

  • Collaboration with suppliers of products and services with high quality standards confirmed by certificates
  • Experience in food industry and knowledge about safety and quality of food production;
  • Staff with years of successful experience;
  • Modern laboratory with professional equipment.

All those factors allow us to thoroughly control safety and quality of food products and to come up to the most demanding client’s expectations.



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Master Grain Sp. z o.o.

ul. Przemysłowa 34, 57-220 Ziębice